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Julii Oh

Julii Oh

We interviewed Julii Oh, a strategic consultant, she emphasized the importance of representation in marketing and creating pathways for young women through mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on while as a Principal Strategist?

My favorite project as strategic consultant has been helping one of my clients with redeveloping their brand strategy and also their long-term marketing/sales strategy. It involved everything from restructuring their department to aligning their strategic marketing goals, but also to overhauling and developing their brand in a way that was aligned to who they really are to its community. Being a results-driven person, seeing the impact on the bottom-line so immediately and progressively as we roll out the implementation is highly gratifying. Continuing to be part of guiding and supporting these strategies with the team has also given me the opportunity to be involved and be incredibly vested in the success of their leadership and their entire team.

Why is representation in marketing important to you?

Representation has always been important to me even before it became so topical. It’s a way to show people they are welcome and invited. It’s a way to represent and dispel perspectives or unspoken biases that run counter to reality by including true representation and not just tropes.

It’s incredibly empowering also for any young person to see themselves so they can be inspired and motivated in every way they can possibly dream to be. Additionally, as someone in marketing, this is critical for business and brands. Marketing campaigns that show diversity and inclusivity connect more deeply with various types of audiences and increase customer base. With the huge demographic shift that the US is undergoing currently, it’s not just important, but it is critical to show and understand all cultural differences and nuances to make genuine connections with their current and prospective audience base.

What is one way we can continue to create pathways for young women in the marketing industry? 

I’m going to answer this more broadly because it’s not pertaining to marketing per se.

I believe that mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship are critical for women in general – young or seasoned frankly. Women tend to wait for an invitation and are faced with more bias in the workplace than our male counterparts.

One such example is that men are given the benefit of the doubt and awarded on their potential whereas typically similarly capable women will have to prove the very same. It’s simply the built-in bias.

Therefore, having that network of support through real and meaningful mentorship, coaching and/or sponsorship would create a real viable and effective way for women in any industry.