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Lissy L’Amoreaux

Lissy L’Amoreaux

Lissy L’Amoreaux is a creative marketer who finds inspiration in a variety of places, including music, travel, and even sleeping. She believes that successful marketing campaigns need a good strategy, a fresh approach, and a hook that speaks to audiences.

What inspires your creative process? 

I find good ideas come from almost anywhere. Music and travel are big ones for me, but I pull from all things that I do. Whether it’s hiking, reading, watching all kinds of content, even sleeping, some of the best ideas I’ve had come in the middle of the night!

What are the most important elements of a successful marketing campaign?

A good strategy, a good hook. Creative that feels fresh. I feel like people don’t want to be told to do something, so I like our campaigns to speak to the fans and audiences in unique ways. A good campaign makes you feel something.

Which film or series that resonates with you as a woman would you recommend and why? 

My favorite show of all time that I grew up with is Buffy the Vampire Slayer – who’s more kick ass than Sarah Michelle Gellar in that role?! But, more recently, I loved the Queen’s Gambit – probably one of my favorite strong female lead shows as it had her use her mind skills vs a more action/hero oriented role.

How would you like to further amplify the voices of women in the film and television Industry? 

I would like to continue being a mentor to young women looking to make a career in entertainment, and preparing them for a seat at the leadership table. I love seeing so many women I’ve worked with so far and successful in their careers now.