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How to write a resume and get an invitation for an interview

A good resume makes a candidate stand out from the mass of applicants and gives him a better chance of getting an invitation to an interview. I will tell you how to write a resume and a cover letter that will attract the attention of the employer.

What is a resume and why make one

A resume is a profile of a person who is looking for a job. The purpose of the resume is to help the employer and the job seeker find each other and understand that they are really right for each other.

The employer assesses the experience and professional achievements of the applicant and correlates them to his requirements. If the candidate has no or insufficient experience and achievements, the employer evaluates the education and personal qualities of the person and decides whether he suits them by these criteria or not.

The job seeker needs a resume in most cases to apply for a job and briefly describe his skills to a potential employer. And thus interest him.

The resume is the initial stage of selection by the employer. And it depends on how it is written, whether the applicant will be invited for an interview or not.

You can write a resume yourself, with the help of resume experts near me or a consulting agency that provides such a service. It works like this: the specialist asks the job seeker questions about professional experience, achievements and career expectations. Based on this information, he prepares a resume and writes a cover letter, if necessary. Sends them and advises the job seeker how to behave in the interview and answer the employer's questions to get the position.

Writing a resume with the help of a specialist is worth it if you want to delegate the task or are not sure, you can properly describe yourself in the resume from a professional point of view. This method is appropriate for executives, aspiring professionals, and anyone who is willing to trust an outside professional to write their resume.

When it's best to write your resume yourself

If you know exactly what position you want to take, you can properly articulate and describe your skills and achievements, and you have time to work on your resume, it is better to do it yourself. Once your resume is ready, you can show it to an experienced recruiter, who can advise you on what to remove or add.

I think you should order a resume in several cases:

  • You have changed the field of activity. In this case, a specialist will help you properly describe your experience in order to get a new job.
  • You are applying for a management position, and it is important to reflect in your resume the experience you need for the management position. An expert can help you put only the experience and accomplishments needed for the management position on your resume.
  • You are applying for a position in a foreign or international company. Preparing a resume and cover letter requires a good knowledge of the language.


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