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What cosmetics is better not to acquire

Seeing the storeholders on the shelf of the store with the labeling "natural tool", do not hurry to put it in the basket.

No one will give you a guarantee that it is really good. Marketers deliberately attract your attention to ecocosmetics in order to increase sales and often such tricks work. Many organic and biocrevers are unsafe and ineffective, in addition, there is a huge risk of obtaining an allergic reaction. Biocostective market is replete with fake means. But if you still want to use the organic cosmetics - carefully study the packaging, annotation and composition on the label. And refrain from buying the following funds:

Deodorant "Crystal"

In the main mass of vegans, it is used, since the product is not tested on animals. Deodorant consists of ammonium alum. Fans of this funds believe that it is more harmless than factory funds, and perfectly protects against sweat. Scientists have proven that absolutely any aluminum compounds are harmful to the body. The daily use of the "crystal" threatens oncological diseases and Alzheimer's disease.


Applied in makeup. All danger is that it is almost impossible to find a natural agent. Manufacturers sin in terms of including lead agent, which can easily cause poisoning and blindness.

Preparations with sprayers

Of course, chemical aerosols and perfumes have a high level of toxicity. But natural remedies are not lagging behind them: if you breathe a mixture of essential oils or herbs, then at best, get a strong dizziness and nausea, and at worst it is a burn of the respiratory system and asthmatic suffocation.

Vitamin A

A liquid solution of vitamin A is able to give your skin smoothness, elasticity and cleansing. The cost of its low, therefore the remedy has been widely used. Real fans of vitamina and even try to replace them with all the cosmetics, which was previously used and very in vain: Over time, he is able to reward the skin with hypersensitivity to the sunshine, call melanoma and disrupt the adrenal operations.

In pursuit of beauty it is necessary to enjoy common sense and accumulated experience. Otherwise, the risk of gaining health problems is great. Choose only high-quality cosmetics from proven manufacturers who have positively proven themselves in the market. You are welcome to claim our exclusive 1XBET FREE PROMO CODE sports bonus using our code, and this is a great way to get started with the brand. This 1XBET VIP sports betting bonus equates to a 100% match on your first deposit, which can be anything from €/$10 right up to €/$130 if you want the maximum reward.As we have learned, the 1XBET promo code today grants you access to a couple of fantastic welcome offers.


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